Frequently Asked Alternative Car Finance Options

Where should I mail my payment?

If you wish to send a payment in the form of a cashier's check or money order via regular mail, please send it to:

Heritage Auto Finance
PO Box 35238
Birmingham, AL 35238

Cashier’s check money orders only, no personal checks.

May I setup automatic payments?

Yes. We offer a free automatic payment plan to qualified customers. To enroll, call us at 205-434-1760 and have your debit card information available. 

I was thinking about trading or selling my vehicle. What do I do about the title?

If your account is paid in full, you have the option to trade or sell the vehicle. Double check that there is not a lien on the title. To receive more information, please call one of our account managers at 205-434-1760

Do you accept payments by telephone?

We accept payments from credit and debit cards via telephone. Call us at 205-434-1760 and have your card information available when you call.

How is daily interest computed?

(Principal Balance x Contract Interest Rate) / 365 = Daily Interest
Example: ($10,000 x 18%) / 365 = $4.93

May I refinance my contract?

Heritage Auto Finance does not offer refinancing on existing Heritage Auto Finance loans. To receive more information please call one of our account managers at 205-838-2219.

Is there a grace period for late payments?

Payments are required to be made by the due date listed in your contract. Interest charges will accrue on the past due amount and be applied to your account each day, which increases the total amount you pay on your contract.

In addition, where applicable, late fees will be assessed to your account.

At what point will I be charged a late fee?

Depending on the state in which you live, you may be assessed a late fee if your payment is 10 days past due. For example, if your payment is due on the 5th of each month, it must be received by the 14th to avoid a late fee.

May I skip a payment?

In accordance with your contract, you must make timely payments each month. If you believe you cannot make your monthly payment on time, please contact an account manager right away. Account managers may be reached at 205-838-2219.

What do I do if I am having issues making on time payments?

In accordance with your contract, you must make timely payments each month.  However, if you are having financial issues, you should contact your account manager right away.  Account managers may be reached at 205-838-2219.